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Mark Schneider
August 22, 1961 - December 13, 2013

Mark Schneider of La Pine, Oregon, died Friday, December 13, of complications from pneumonia while visiting Costa Rica with his wife Cynthia. He was 52.

Mark was born in Neillsville, Wisconsin, to F. Richard and Ruth Ann Schneider. He graduated from McMinnville High School (Oregon) in 1979 and then joined the Air Force.

Mark married Cynthia Ann Kenner May 8, 1982. They became commercial fishermen in 1989 and worked together fishing for salmon, dungeness crab and albacore tuna sold under their label "Catch of the Sea" and supplied to New Seasons Market.

Mark and Cynthia survived, together with cats Jasper and Topaz, an explosion on their boat "Sea Princess" August 5, 2013. Having lost their boat and everything on it, the next months were dedicated to the purchase of a new boat which they had just completed prior to travelling to Costa Rica in late November to visit family.

Mark was an avid snowboarder. He also enjoyed hunting, cooking, baking, woodwork, construction and excelled at everything he did.

Mark also served as an Oregon Albacore Tuna Commissioner.

August 2013:

On Monday, August 5, 2013, we suffered the devastating loss of our boat, The Sea Princess, while tuna fishing off the Oregon Coast. After a moment or two of rough running, our engine room literally exploded beneath us, blowing a large hole in the side of the boat down to the waterline; the boat immediately began to sink. Fortunately, neither Cynthia, nor I were injured in the blast, and we were able to get out a mayday message before abandoning ship. We were in the water for only about 15 minutes before nearby friends were able rescue us. Miraculously, both our cats, Topaz and Jasper, survived. Topaz abandoned ship and we found her swimming a short while later. Jasper, found his way to the tip of the bow and hung on there until the boat went completely under water, and he was forced to swim. My sister Debra wrote a short article about our ordeal, and we managed to get a few photos as well, including Jasper clinging to the bow.

Needless to say we are grateful to be alive and uninjured and we are headed home now, to rest and regroup. However, we are looking at the loss of our boat and a almost certainly this entire season of tuna fishing. We will continue to fill orders with the stock we have on hand, but may run low or completely out of some, or all, products before the end of this year. We wanted to keep you informed.

We hope to find a new boat and be out fishing again by next season, if not sooner. We will keep you posted. In the meantime, take good care, and thank you for your support and patronage. ~Mark Schneider

Hello and welcome! We're Mark and Cynthia Schneider, the owners and operators of Catch of the Sea and we work HARD to bring you the highest quality seafood possible.

Our unique "fresh pack" process is what sets our Albacore Tuna and Wild Chinook Salmon apart. By pressure cooking our fish in the can we preserve all the flavor, nutrients and Omega 3 fatty acids that commercial producers cook out. Our seafood has an incredible fresh taste and texture, right from can! And it's naturally moist. We never add water or oil, so please don't drain it! The liquid in our can is 100% natural and usable.

We think Catch of the Sea is simply the best seafood you can buy. We hope you'll try some and we guarantee you'll love it.

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